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The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

NovelThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind MarriageThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
Chapter 1260 – Isn“t That Gu Jingze? science butter
“Why would you must perceive of this?”
“Ahhh… good, I do know him. KG mentioned before that he or she must be a professional and experienced individuality during this industry. His approaches are really unique…”
KG claimed, “I invaded the Gu Industries’ method recently, but was pressed back. I only managed to achieve the time to get in and examine soon after I bought the aid of a number of people to get into it jointly. Nonetheless, I didn’t get to go too deep inside. I have ascertained until this person will be the friends and family mind, Gu Jingze.”
The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
“Do you might think we’re blind?” Uneven The neck and throat mentioned, “Didn’t we percieve him the other day?”
KG’s eye narrowed. “That’s him.”
KG still sat there, ingesting his foods.
Lin Che smiled, “You’re overthinking items. Paparazzi aren’t that omnipotent. They are still far off of from having the capacity to shadow me.”

Crooked Neck obtained looked at as KG penetrated the Gu Industries’ method, and observed what Chen Hui experienced explained on how impressive the Gu Sectors was. Therefore, they wished to go in and take a peek. KG only were able to get into it to get a simple moment, but was discontinued by a lot of challenges. It wasn’t so easy to acquire gain access to. He only was able to have a screenshot of Gu Jingze’s photo and revealed it to Crooked Neck.
She explained, “They are directly attached to the police officers reporting technique, and still have quite strong defenses. It is not similar to the security solutions that standard purposes to fend off hackers. When you folks could actually get your hands on anything at all just after going into, some thing would be incorrect.”
But performed KG really have these sentiments on her behalf?
“Invaded?” Lin Che was hit with a idea and she immediately reacted. “You’ve penetrated in to the Gu Industries’ program before?”
“KG was the one who invaded in. He didn’t explore too many areas, but only obtain a easy start looking.”
Crooked Neck area searched outside in disbelief.
Uneven Throat was so astonished which it felt just like his jaws have been intending to lower away. “How is always that probable? Why haven’t I heard about that just before?”
Crooked The neck and throat checked out this guy, surprised.
“Is that so? Then KG is really quite remarkable.” Lin Che performed admiration for him. Qin Hao had described often times their system’s firewall could fend out of 100% in the invaders. But seeing that KG could still key in, he was pretty impressive.
Lin Che discovered her smartphone rang and quickly reported, “Alright, my husband is here to pick me up.”
Crooked Neck area claimed, “That’s naturally. He’s our leader.”
Uneven Throat investigated this person, surprised.
Furthermore, they had been regarded as reputable individuals now. She wasn’t anxious that they’d shoot their mouths off and away to many people.
“Huh?” Lin Che looked at Uneven Neck area in surprise. “What do you really mean?”
Uneven Throat drew in nearer, stuttering a little from frustration. “Sister Che, you can’t be such as this. You can’t just say that you’re already betrothed even though you wish to refuse our KG. For those who bought married… the whole planet would know about it. You are so famous… there are numerous paparazzi.”
She idea of how Li Mingyu got helped bring this close to her prior to in those days, but Lin Che hadn’t consumed it really.
Whats up, he appears a little bit familiarized.
Uneven Neck area put into practice her out and noticed that a team of folks was ready outside for Lin Che.
Crooked Neck explained, “What do you consider, Sibling Che? You… can’t come to be sensing shy, appropriate? Hehe, we’re all so close up. If there’s a single thing you intend to say, just say it. Why sometimes you may feel the requirement to be reluctant?”
On top of that, people were thought of reliable individuals now. She wasn’t worried that they’d snap their mouths away and off to many people.
Uneven Neck area reported, “We didn’t know. But we got a peek when our employer penetrated their system a few days ago.”
1260 Isn“t That Gu Jingze?
Hey there, he appears to be somewhat familiar.
“Do you believe we are blind?” Uneven The neck and throat stated, “Didn’t we have seen him the other day?”
Lin Che didn’t mind. She believed to him, “Come then.”
Uneven Throat was stunned, not able to react to what she was stating.